June 27, 2011

Candy Bar

Whew!  Several days without a boo or a bah from your Blogger... it's madness at LwYH, let me tell you.  I'll show you why today. 

As mentioned in my posts over the past few weeks, I did a candy display at an event this weekend, and prepped for it for months.  I knew I wanted to do pink and gold, so every time I spotted something in that color range, I snatched it up.  I also made a few things of my own.

Here is the finished product:

From left to right, starting in the back first:
  1. Mini-cupcakes (baked by my mother-in-law) with buttercream or strawberry frosting.  (I melted the frosting so that it poured smoothly, filled the cupcakes to the top of the paper, then placed dainty little flowers made by a friend of mine in the center).
  2. Marble bark.  (I crunched graham crackers into crumbs and filled the bottom of a brownie pan.  I melted white chocolate in two different sauce pans and added a drop of red food coloring to one.  Then, I placed dabs of the chocolate over the crackers, alternating colors.  I took a pickle fork and mixed the colors together.  Once it hardened, I used a paintbrush and spread edible gold glitter over the whole thing.  I heated it for a few minutes again before cutting.)
  3. Cherry-flavored candy sticks.
  4. Marble bark.  I made two separate batches, and they came out looking so differently that I just separated them on the table.
  5. Butterscotch candies.
  6. Gold-wrapped Hershey Kisses.
  7. Light pink gumballs.
  8. Mini chocolate bars (see previous post: Pretty Little Candy Bars)
  9. Candy bags with Jordan Almonds in pink and white, and Strawberry Puffs.  (See previous post: Candy Bags)
  10. Sugar candies in pink and white (two different bowls)

I was exceptionally happy with the result -- most of my candy was gone, as were all of my business cards.  I addition to the candy, I also had pink depression glass candle holders and clear/gold taper candles.  There was a little fishbowl with pink marbles and flowers in the bottom and floating gold flowers, as well as a miniature tea set.

I also brought this flower display from home.  This is one of my favorite flower arrangements, inside my favorite vase, and I keep it in my parlor to enjoy year-round.  I thought it was absolutely ideal and grabbed it on the way out the door.

And finally, you can see my Party Banner in the background, and my Pretty Little Lace Runner under everything. 

Craving candy now??  : )

~ Sarah

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