June 22, 2011

The 2nd Duh Post

Well, I cleaned out my refridgerator last night.  It's amazing what a chore that can be, even when you keep up on it regularly!  I find myself purging it every month or so.  It's usually sparked by my finding something I don't recognize, opening it, and meeting cute little fuzzies with a remarkable smell.  *shudders*

So, when you're cleaning out the fridge, there is one important thing that you absolutely MUST have on hand... the garbage can (unless you feed the fuzzies to your dog).

And you know what must happen once the fridge is cleaned out - the garbage bag must be tied immediately and taken outside. 

Now, you've experienced this, right?  You tie the bag, put it in the outside garbage, return to the kitchen, and... what do you see?  Someone has already thrown something right into the bagless garbage can during those 27 seconds you were gone.  Enough to make you go postal, right??

Well, I decided to counteract that.  How?  By simply putting more than one liner in the garbage at a time.  Don't be shy, either - put five or six!  Think of how awesome it would be to take out the top layer, and have the next one all ready and smiling?

So, the next time you find something thrown in your garbage can without the liner, fight the urge to feed it to the perpetrator, and double-, triple-, quadruple-line your can.

Obvious, right?  Well, duh!  : )

~ Sarah

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