What's in a Name?

So.... why on earth did I choose the name "Look with Your Hands"?

Did your mother ever tell you to 'look with your eyes, not with your hands'?  I heard it countless times growing up, because I'm a 'hands-on' kinda girl.  I always thought there was something wrong with me, because I couldn't resist examining things, feeling them, inspecting them with my hands.  I also couldn't bake or cook without getting my hands dirty... {that feel... the batter or mixture oooooooozing  between your fingers... }
Any artist knows that you cannot truly experience something without looking with your hands.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many things must be turned, tilted, and touched.  You'll see my hands a lot in my pictures... I still use them, perhaps even more than ever, and now I'm allowed.  :)
I adore my mother, but looking only with my eyes is one of her lessons that I decided not to learn... on purpose.
<3 Sarah