About the LwYH Blogger...

I am a busy woman, but probably more like you than you think! I work full-time, run a business from my house, try every creative project I can get my hands on, volunteer at church, run a girls' program, spend time with my hubby, and enjoy down-time and coffee with friends. I bet many of you are busier than I am!!

Did you see the movie 'The Brothers Bloom'? There is a character on that movie who "collects hobbies". She can do everything from crazy card tricks to juggling chainsaws. When my husband and I watched this movie, he turned to me and said, "Hey, it's you!" I certainly cannot juggle chainsaws, but I can do a lot of other things. I cut my own hair. lol

So, anyways, I'll be sharing random projects here on my blog, anything from sewing to painting to cooking, etc. No real limit with someone like me... I don't like when I discover something I can't do, and usually fix that problem with no delay.

I hope you can find something on my blog that you can use and enjoy. If you're here, please comment on something, for good or bad!

~ Sarah :)

Other boring stuff about me (and I won't be offended if you stop reading :) )

Anything pretty, anything fun, anything creative, everything inspired!
But seriously: Quilting, writing, cooking, skiing, furniture design, jewelry design, organizing, event planning, dancing, sewing, interior decorating, {general} crafts, sketching, painting, calligraphy, and... I know there's more, but can't think of it off the top of my head.

It can no longer be denied - I have a thing for movies. It exceeds the ordinary standard of "liking" (or even "loving") movies... I have an enormous collection and it grows by dozens every few months. And alas, my love of movies is only growing with time. It seems this plans to be a life-long love affair. 
I have very eclectic taste... I like anything except slapstick or gore.

Again, eclectic taste. I love contemporary Christian, oldies, soundtracks, classical, country, pop, etc. Please no blue grass.