September 9, 2011

Pictures of the Pennsylvania Flood, 2011

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I am very thankful today for many things... I am thankful for the high ground that my house is built on, I am thankful for the levies and dams that helped to keep some places I love dry, I'm thankful that the water is receding, and most of all, I'm thankful for God's protection surrounding my friends and family, even those that needed to evacuate.  Homes can be rebuilt or dried off, even replaced, but not people.

Unfortunately, other places around me are not so 'thankful' today... there was devastating flooding in many parts of NEPA.  My heart and prayers are still going out to those people who have a great deal of cleaning and repairing to do (and that's after they've been released to return to their homes.) 

Last night, my husband and I took some photos of the flooding from a plane.  I thought I'd share them today.

On the left is Nicholson, and on the right is Hop Bottom. 


On the left, Deer Park Lumber.  On the right, Shadowbrook Resort.
Both near Tunkhannock.

Here is the flooding in Tunkhannock around the bypass.  You can see how far it extends on both sides of the river.

Falls Bridge:

Wyoming Valley (we couldn't get closer because of the airspace around WV Airport)

Misc. flooding pictures:

Thanks for visiting... please keep PA in your prayers.
~ Sarah

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Linda Koons said...

I couldn't tear myself away from the TV yesterday afternoon, and I saw a lot of unbelieveable pictures. But these are STILL ripping my heart out.