September 21, 2011

Circle Party Streamers

Hey there!

Well, since no one guessed what the theme of the girls' sleepover on Friday is, I'll have to tell you.  It's Themba (pronounced TIM-buh) Safari, which literally means Hope Safari!!!   I'm not the sort of person to do things half-way, so you can just imagine the fun decorations I started plotting for this event the moment the theme was announced.  I think it's going to be awesome.

I was parusing the internet the other day and spotted a really neat streamer idea.  Unfortunately, I didn't save the link, and I can't find the original idea via Google today so I can't give credit to my inspiration.  :(   It's a simple idea, and although a bit time-consuming, certainly not as much so as some of my decorations in the past.  And I think it looks pretty cool.

Using this large hole punch (it cuts something like 1.5" circles), I cut out piles of green, yellow, white, black, and brown circles.  Then, using a stapler, I combined the circles in whatever way spoke to me at that particular moment.

The result?  Some REALLY neat streamers that are perfect for my jungle theme!   

What do you think??

~ Sarah

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