September 7, 2011

Back to School

It's that time of year... new backpacks, new shoes, clean outfits, high hopes... the fear and drudge of homework hasn't set in yet, and bright yellow school buses streak through the landscape. 

I am not a teacher or a parent, but I do volunteer for the girls' club at our church, and tonight is our first day back for the year, which means that I am not immune to the "back-to-school bug".  A few weeks ago, I saw this back to school 'dessert' table on Amy Atlas's blog, and it was soooo awesome that I wanted to try a couple of her ideas.

My pencil cake looks very sad compared to hers (I even put the pencils the wrong direction.  lol)  But I was exceptionally pleased with the eraser taffy.  I just wrapped an eraser in a piece of white tissue paper and twisted the ends.

Not a very creative post, but I wanted to celebrate the start of school in some small way.  ;)  Any back-to-school stories to share??

~ Sarah

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