Look with Your Hands Calendar

Where do you live?  Have you ever noticed that the season changes make absolutely no sense?  Here in Pennsylvania, they tell us it's winter after two or three snowfalls, and they announce that spring has arrived while we're still salting our sidewalks and skiing for the weekend.  It make-a no sense.

So, I've come up with my own calendar based on my experience in PA, and how long the seasons tend to last.  This calendar may be different for you... for example, I know that in upstate NY, your winter starts in July and ends the second or third week in June.  (So, just when you're preparing to cut the grass for the first time, the first snowfall arrives.)  Keep in mind, this is my local calendar, so if it doesn't match yours, you may want to make your own!

Summer begins on Memorial Day...
  • ... which really is true everywhere, isn't it? 
  • ... when you come out of hibernation and see family members and friends, and enjoy your time outside.   Kindof like a 'grand opening'.
Autumn begins on Labor Day...
  • ... because by then, everyone's back in school and the weather is starting to turn colder.  Labor Day is kindof a final "hurrah" for summer
  • ... and our autumns are extremely short.  We have a week (maybe 10 days) of absolutely magnificent color, but all it takes is a mighty wind to strip every tree (and mighty winds are common in PA.)
Winter begins when you turn the clocks back, or the day of the first snowfall (whichever comes first)...
  • ... and truly does last approximately half the year.  (It has been said that PA has different seasons: 1 - Almost Winter, 2 - Winter, 3 - Still Winter, 4 - Construction.) 
Spring begins on Easter...
  • ... because our winters here are so long that people begin looking for Spring far before it's scheduled to appear, especially since it's usually several weeks to a month between the 'official' Spring date and the warm weather. 
  • ... to keep myself a little more content.  I don't start looking for Spring until Easter has come and gone.  Does it work?  I have no idea.

This is the (un)official Look with Your Hands calendar, which will frequently be referenced in LwYH posts.  :)

~ Sarah