July 8, 2011

Homemade Confetti

It's party time - almost!!

I'm helping with a double birthday party this weekend, and thought I'd share one of my ideas for the decorations: confetti!  I mean, aside from the cleaning crew, who doesn't like confetti??  It's cute, fun, and just adds something visual to a party that can't be explained in words. 

The daisies are approximately 1/2" in diameter
I purchased a tiny little daisy punch last year for another event I was doing, and it's been used so many times that the poor thing is starting to give out on me.  (I'm pretty sure I found it at either Michael's or A.C. Moore.) 

In an effort to save a little wear and tear on it, I chose to use computer paper in theme colors, rather than cardstock.  I put on my favorite movie, filled up my favorite coffee mug, and settled in for a night of daisy cutting.

Look how wonderfully they turned out!

I'm excited to throw this daisy confetti everywhere on the tables... I hope the girls like them.  :)

~ Sarah

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