July 9, 2011

The Container Store

Happy Saturday!

I'm going to be busy running about and prepping for a birthday party (see earlier posts from this week), but I thought I'd share something with you on a weekend, for once.  And what better to share than one of my favorite places in the whole, wide world??

There is a place... a wonderful place... full of magic and possibilities.  A crescendo plays as the sliding doors open, and beams of spotlights illuminate the glorious aisles.  When you are in this place, crime does not exist, worries evaporate, and you just know that the solution to all of your organizing battles has finally appeared.  During the hours that you spend here, you begin to imagine your mountains of projects to be merely foothills.

The Container Store.

In my neck of the woods, we had never even heard of such a place.  I didn't hear of it until I visited my aunt in Columbus, and she recognized that it was a place I might like to see.  We ventured there with our wonderful friend, Anne.  They were ready with the camera, and this is what a first glance at The Container Store looks like:

Containers everywhere!!!!!!  Office organization, studio organization, kids spaces, closets, TV rooms, attics, garages... they have it ALL.  I wanted to move there.

Some of their Christmas storage,
and a slightly obsessed shopper
If you have a Container Store near you, then A - can we switch houses?  and, B - VISIT it!!  The prices are reasonable, and there's no way you will leave there saddened that they did not have the storage you were looking for.  If it exists, they have it.

If you don't have a Container Store near you, then I am very sorry -- believe me, I feel your pain!!!!!  You can shop online, here, but alas - no crescendos on a webpage.  So if you take a roadtrip, put a Container Store location on your itinerary.  No excuses - it's better than a theme park (well, almost).

Contain yourself!!

~ Sarah

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Blah! Blah! Blah! said...

Great blog post! I think you really did our Container Store trip justice! I really love that photo of your first glimpse...truly a 'for everything else there's Master Card' moment.