July 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt...

Hey, everyone!  Let's play a game, shall we?? 

If you have read my blog before, you know that I never refer to that man (you know, the adorable and wonderful one I'm married to) by his actual name.  There's a reason.  When I started blogging, he was a little paranoid, and asked that I keep him anonymous.  Well, after several months, he's finally come around to saying that he's ok with me calling him by his first name.  (I imagine that seeing himself continually referred to as "Superman" probably got to him after a while.) 

But, unbeknownst to him, his name actually DOES appear on this blog already!!  {In all fairness, I just noticed it recently, myself.}  SO.... We're going to have a SCAVENGER HUNT! 

I realize that some of you, Readers, already know his name (since you know me personally,) but in order to qualify, you must list the following in the comment section:
  1. His first name (spelled correctly);
  2. The title of the post where his name appears;
  3. The date it was posted; and
  4. Specifically where it appears in the post.
And I'm not above giving small prizes!  $5 gift card?  Candy bags?  A party banner?   Zig-zag or spiral streamers?  Be the first to find his name, and we'll chat.  ;) 

So, ready... set... GO!!!!!

~ Sarah

PS - Yes-or-no questions are allowed... as long as the hints aren't too big, I'm happy to give them.  ;)

PPS - Everyone seems to be going first to the post called "Confessions of a Newlywed"... hint: it's not there. 


Stephanie K said...

Name: Jayson
Post Title: The Stone House Inn & Spa
Date: May 18th, 2011
Blog Location: Second to last picture on the breakfast menu.


Sarah said...

Congratulations, Stephanie K!!

Now, to claim your prize... what would you like?? I have a myriad of home-made party supplies, or I can send you a gift card to any place you like.

What do you prefer??


Stephanie K said...

Hmmmm....decisions decisions! How about you get to pick something super cute from your collection of party planning supplies and gift it to my sweet mother dear (the next time you see her), as she plans many more parties and events than I do! :) That way you don't have to ship anything! Thanks LWYH!!! :)

Sarah said...

LOL consider it done!!

You are most welcome, and thanks for reading!!

<3 Sarah