July 20, 2011

Dad's Potato Salad

Wow, the week is already half-over.  Is it just me, or are the days/weeks/months flying by much faster than they ever did before?

Well, anyways.

Today I'll be sharing another recipe with you.  This is the first time I've made it in a while, and making it actually showed me where I get my measurement issue from.  This is my Dad's recipe, and it was recorded by me when I was in high school (the lack of measurement comes from the source of the recipe.) 

I love this particular version.  I mean, any instructions that include things like, "Boil the heck out of" and "add one slice or whatever" are just awesome.  It seems I've always been this way.  I love it.

What you will need (in case you can't read my highschool handwriting):
  1. Potatoes
  2. Eggs
  3. Mayonaise
  4. Mustard
  5. Sugar
  6. Celery Seed
  7. Onion (one slice, or whatever - lol)
  8. Salt/Pepper
  9. Dill Relish
First, like the recipe card says, 'boil the heck out of the potatoes and eggs'.  The ratio says 2-3 potatoes per 1 egg, but I always do more egg because it's my favorite part.

As much as I like potato salad, I don't think I'll ever aquire
a fondness for the smell of boiling potatoes.  *shudders*

Cool the potatoes and eggs overnight (or at least all day).  Then cut into bite-sized pieces.  (Keep 1-2 eggs aside to decorate the top.)

Add the ingredients together.  Alas, I cannot possibly tell you the quantities... like my Dad, I literally add until it tastes right.  Most of the items can be counter-measured except for the sugar.  For this quantity, I used only 1/4 cup of sugar.  Just exercise caution.

Now, the best part.  Mixing with a spoon is alright, but after all, this blog isn't called 'look with a spoon'.  So get your hands dirty - I dare you.  :)

When it looks thorougly and properly mixed, transer to your serving bowl. 

Slice the remaining eggs and decorate the top. 

Serve.  Even sans measurements, it's the best potato salad in the world.  Enjoy!!  (And thanks, Dad!!)

~ Sarah


Linda Koons said...

It sounds delicious, and I have no problem with boiling the heck out of the potatoes...but the eggs should be treated more gently. (Do you really boil them together like that??) If you bring your eggs to a gentle boil, turn off the heat and let them sit in the hot water for 20 minutes, you'll have perfect boiled eggs. Immediately run them under very cold water and refrigerate them. You won't see those dark circles around the yolks---those come from too much heat!

Sarah said...

He always did it that way, so I do, too... nostalgia, I guess! Any other time, I show much more respect for my eggs. ;)

Linda Koons said...

Yeah...I get that. My Dad was perfect too!