July 12, 2011

Pink and Green Birthday Party

Bonjour!  (I was reading a favorite blog today... she lives in Paris and it made me want to move there, too... I guess I'm feeling French now.)

Anyways.  As you may know from last week's posts {Sneak Peak and Homemade Confetti}, I helped at a birthday party this past weekend.  Not just any birthday party - Hot Pink and Lime Green!  The party was an enormous success.  The girls came in their lovely party dresses, and I enjoyed watching eyes widen and jaws drop when they saw it... The Holy Grail (a/k/a the Candy Bar.)  Here are some photos:

The birthday girls' names started with "S" and "B".  I was very fortunate to stumble on the adorable glasses at The Christmas Tree Shoppes for something like $2.99 each, so I gave them to the girls when the party was over. 

Overall, the candy bar was popular, but it paled compared to the other events at the party.  For a craft, the girls got to pick flipflops, and flowers/stones/decorations.  Then (with the help of an adult) they hot-glued the embellishments to the tops of the flipflops. 

We also set up a photo area for the girls.  I brought fuzzy hats, crazy sunglasses, boas and leis, and they got to dress up and pose with their friends.  I've never been to a party before where the candy was ignored in favor of the fun activities.  :)

Also, here's a picture of the centerpieces: 

I tied lime green tulle around glass vases, filled them with pink gel beads and l.e.d. tea lights to make them glow.  {The girls there told me that these gel beads are called "Orbies".  Can anyone confirm that?  They were given to me by a client, so I'm not familiar with their title or where to find them.  To be quite honest, sticking your hand in the bucket of these beads feels exactly the way I imagine a bucket of eyeballs would feel.}

And finally, the "Happy Birthday" party banners (you may recall the photo of letter "B" on the Sneak Peak post... here's the whole thing)

So, all in all, a successful, colorful party.  On to the next!!

~ Sarah

**  Thanks to Photography by Amber for allowing me to use some of her snapshots.

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