July 18, 2011

Deck Cushions

Wasn't it a beautiful weekend??

Fabulous for outdoor parties, especially if they were pool parties.  You'll be happy to know that my potato salad was a hit (although I still haven't found a place for the pirate yet.  Come on, Readers, no ideas??)

We have a (flexible) rule in our house that we spend Sunday afternoons together doing nothing, or next to nothing.  Yesterday, however, I felt an unsuppresable urge to accomplish one of my to-do list tasks - recovering my wicker cushions.  It was much easier than I thought, and because I moved my entire operation out to the deck, it counted as recreation anyways.

View from the deck to the back yard.

I love Jayson's boots on the railing. 

This is what they looked like 'before':

I know, they're so very...
blech.  I didn't pick them, fyi.
I was tempted to make a trip to my local fabric store, but I've been avoiding it the past week (the last two times I went there, I came home with unexpected sewing projects that I just didn't have time to do!)  So I avoided the danger and picked some fabric from my (not small) collection.  Fortunately, I happened to have just the thing:

Now, from previous posts, you probably know that I have an issue with measurements (by issue, I mean that I don't use them).  So it won't surprise you that I didn't use a pattern.  I literally placed the cushion on the fabric, then traced it and cut with scissors.  I also took the lazy way out - I didn't remove the old covers.  I sewed three edges, like a pillowcase, then hand-stitched the final seam (making sure that this final seam would be the one facing the back.)  {Since you might be wondering this, I had planned to use zippers, but didn't have any that were long enough.}

Then I picked matching buttons...

I would love for buttons to become
currency... I'd be disgustingly wealthy.
Using a long, sturdy needle and embroidery thread, I tied the buttons onto both sides of the cushion.

And voila!  A finished cushion.  I was quite pleased with the result.  Naturally, it would be much more impressive if they had zippers, were uniform, etc, but that's alright.  Unless you read my blog, you'll never know the difference.  ;)

Enjoy the beginning of your week!!

~ Sarah

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