October 28, 2011

A New Haircut

Happy Autumn!  I can only say that for a little while longer, as (according to the LwYH calendar) winter will be arriving in NEPA tomorrow with a bang.  Some weather people are saying 6-12 inches, others are saying 2-4, but this is Pennsylvania.  We won't really know for sure how much it will precipitate until it's already happened. 

I never really mind the weather, even the snowfalls.  I have a survival kit in my 4-wheel-drive, weather-savvy vehicle, so I'm prepared for the whitest, worstest event of them all.  But Jayson and I have plans to attend a seminar in central-PA tomorrow, so I'm hoping it holds off until we've made good our escape. 

As stated in my last post, I haven't been working on any blog-worthy projects lately, which is why I haven't been around at all.  But I DID get a new haircut (see new profile picture.)  Jayson won't say he likes it yet, because the last time I cut my bangs I cried out in frustration, "What was I thinking?!"  But I like them so far, at least this time around.  Only time will tell if I've just repeated a past mistake or not.

So, what have all of YOU been up to??  I'm particularly interested in your Halloween costumes.  Email me pictures, and I'll post them on the blog! lookwithyourhandsblog@yahoo.com.


~ Sarah

October 19, 2011

Garlic Pizza

Happy Autumn (again!)

I made pizza for dinner last night, and it was delicious.  Delicious and, well, a bit... garlic-y.  Perhaps 'a bit' is an understatement.  I'm quite certain that this is a Pampered Chef recipe knock-off, but since I couldn't remember and didn't bother to find the actual recipe, I think I'm in the clear to let you know how I made it.

  1. Pizza crust (Jayson's very particular about this, so I usually leave the choosing of the crust to him.  Strangely, I didn't bother to look at the wrapping last night and can't tell you what kind I used.)
  2. Olive oil
  3. Garlic (I used fresh minced... but we'll get to that)
  4. 1 can of diced tomatoes
  5. Diced zucchini (to taste)
  6. Sliced mushroom (also to taste)
  7. Shredded mozzarella cheese (in Jayson's case, an entire bag will suffice)
It's not likely that any of you reading this won't know how to put a pizza together, but I'll tell you anyways.  Start by mixing your garlic and your olive oil and spreading on the crust.  (I also used olive oil under the crust, as I was using a PC pizza stone.)  Spread tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms.  Top with cheese.  Bake for 15 (or so) minutes.

It was delicious.  But... the garlic.  Oh, the garlic.  I never thought there was such a thing as 'too much garlic', and used to scoff at such a notion.  *repents* I have now learned to believe in too much garlic.  Fortunately, it wasn't over the whole pizza, and I enjoyed two slices that were well-balanced.  Poor Jayson experienced the 'too much garlic' on his first piece, however, and by the time I got to my third one, he claimed that he couldn't really tell how the pizza tasted.  He put it this way: "I'm sweating.  Under my eyeballs."

Between the two of us we almost completely finished a gallon of cider last night.  I'm pretty sure that the cider was also delicious, but it tasted peculiar to us.  Like garlic.  I could still taste garlic when I woke up this morning.  And tonight is leftover night.  *shudders*  

Well, anyways, it's an excuse to make the pizza again sometime.  Perhaps we'll forget ingredient number 3.  Perhaps not.   :)

~ Sarah

October 18, 2011

A Pinterest Autumn

Pinterest - the virtual Pinboard.  By a show of hands, who has experienced Pinterest, and the unexpected addiction that comes with it?  It's really a nifty idea, but I have found that my work productivity dropped significantly since I received my Pinterest invitation, and my craft/d-i-y project list grew exponentially.  Truly, though, it's very convenient to collect links in one place, and I've recommended it to my clients with weddings coming up.  This way they can save pictures of things that inspire them, which helps me to plan an event around their tastes.  Fabulous.

I haven't been working on projects lately, though my list is growing.  I'm in the middle of a couple of months off from event-planning, which has been beautiful.  I've been systematically cleaning my house, and finished (yes, finished!) the laundry last weekend.  But who really blogs about laundry and cleaning?  {I'm only doing so to explain my bloggy absence.}  So in lieu of another d-i-y post (recipe, craft or otherwise) I thought I'd walk you through one of my virtual pinboards (named Fallishness.)  I'll site the original source where I can, but Pinterest doesn't always take you back where it came from, and sometimes the links are re-posts to begin with, and no source is sited.  If you happen to know the original post for any of these, please share, because I would so love to credit the rightful owner.

Let's start with table decorations.  How simple and delightful are these apple candle holders?  Such a perfect little Autumny touch.

Original post here
And speaking of apples, how about a whole bowl of apples turned centerpiece?  My husband wouldn't hesitate to pick one off the pile as he walked by, and that would be just fine with a decoration like this.  Who says practical can't also be beautiful? 

Anything with hurricane lamps is ok in my book!  I love these colors:

Original post here

I fell in love with this simple project.  Mason jars wrapped in twine, spray painted, then tied with a bow and illuminated with tea lights.  Stunning!

Can I just tell you that I already have the paper purchased for this project?  The world's cutest pumpkins, ladies and gentlemen.
Original post here.

It's dangerous for me to concentrate on fall food too much, however, I loved this pumpkin made from two bundts put together.  On my pinboard, I called this a Pumpkindt.

A few unique pumpkin decorating ideas:

Original post here
I can't help assuming that this is a home further South than mine, as our wood burner is already in action.

Original post here

And finally, some glittery pumpkins.  

Original post here
So how do you decorate for Autumn?

~ Sarah

October 10, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

*Contented Sigh*

Happy Autumn!  I know I've managed to sneak that into every post during the past few weeks, but really, Autumn is such a happy time.  I can't help but wish the happiness on others.  :)

This past weekend was the Fall Festival at Elk Mountain Ski Resort.  Unless I'm deathly ill or there's an emergency, I always make it to the Fall Festival.  They have craft booths, bands, family activites, etc, etc, but the main event (for me) is the ride on the ski lift.  We wander in and out of the tents, it's true, but after I'm done with that ride, I'm ready to leave any time.  Usually, I come with an Autumn 'kit', which includes blankets, hot chocolate, warm sweaters and coats, gloves/hats/scarves, and a camera, but summer paid us a late visit this year, and the day was actually hot.  Even at the very top of the mountain, where everyone takes pictures and usually shivers, it was comfortable without a sweater.  The ride down on the lift is especially wonderful as you view the horizon, so I'm always surprised how many people opt to walk down the ski slopes instead.  But to each their own. 

I loved this little girl dashing down the mountain in her long, flowing skirt.

The view from the top of the world...

The view going back down.

Later, Jayson and I stopped for some ice cream to top off the perfect day.


Happy Autumn!!  <3

~ Sarah

October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Pudding

Happy Thursday!!

Well, I have had a rather busy week, what with my little SUV breaking down, discovering it needs to be replaced (*sniffles*), and shopping for a brand-spanking-new vehicle.  (Big shout out to my friend, Amy, who has been chauffering my stranded little behind all over, and to my father-in-law, who rescued me in the first place as I sat with blinking lights in front of the mausoleum during rush hour.)

Despite all of this, I have NOT been too busy for a new recipe.  :-)  I love pumpkin, but, as stated before, baking doesn't seem to be my calling or gift.  That being the case, I wanted to make something pumpkiny but cold.  And I found it: pumpkin pudding.  I started with some general suggestions I found online, but once I tested it things started to get a little ad-libbed.

What you will need:
  1. 1 can of pumpkin
  2. 1 box of vanilla pudding mix
  3. pumpkin pie spice
  4. milk (evaporated or regular -- I used 2% because, well, I have no car and can't go to the store.)
What I also used:
  1. Pampered Chef's Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle
  2. Pecans (mmm!!!!)
  3. Ground cloves
Mix the pudding, pumpkin, and 2 cups of milk together, along with some pumpkin pie spice to taste.  If you are using additional ingredients, add them to taste, too.

My personal assistant and I agreed that it was certainly a delicious recipe, and, what's more, SUPER easy!!  Love it!
My personal assistant. 
Plan for the evening: grab a blanket, snuggle into a comfy deck chair, and eat pumpkin pudding!

~ Sarah

October 3, 2011

The Colors of Autumn

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my home?  I live in northeastern Pennsylvania, which is an altogether mercurial place to live.  PA's weather is... temperamental, at best, with an occasional snowfall in May, and bikini weather in January (neither a regular occurrence, but they have both happened). 

But I love it.  I love that my wardrobe has it all: thick, warm, soft sweaters, cute shorts and tank tops, hand-knitted, colorful socks.  And then, there's the changing of the seasons.  PA is at its best in early spring, when the mountains turn fluorescent lime, immediately after a snowfall when all the trees glisten, at the peak of summer when the mountains nap under a lazy haze... and, of course... in autumn, when the world looks like a crayola box.

Something about Autumn makes everyone come alive here.  Suddenly, there are things to do, places to visit, and reasons to bundle up and venture out into the crisp, chilly air.  There are fall festivals, hayrides, corn mazes, ski lift rides (yes, they open the ski lifts so everyone can view the trees), quilt shows, etc etc.  Tunkhannock, a delightful little town nearby, has an annual Airing of the Quilts, which is usually the first Saturday in October.  On this day, you can walk up and down the streets, and view the quilts that businesses and homes have spread out on railings, bushes and clotheslines.  It's amazing. 

This past weekend, I spent the day with Jayson walking through Tunkhannock, drinking hot cider, and snuggling close under my colorful umbrella.  I stopped periodically to take photographs of the colorful things that popped out at me.  I thought you'd like to see them, too.

Look at this spectacular climbing ivy...

 And this burning bush!

Or how about this Autumn-colored flower bed?

I loved these pinkish-red hydrangeas:

Even the fallen leaves looked so lovely.

Surprisingly, I didn't take as many photos of the quilts this year (probably because of the rain), but it was a wonderful day, with a wonderful companion.

Happy Autumn!

~ Sarah