December 9, 2011

Cupcake Liners - Beyond the Muffin Tray

Pinsomnia: the inability to sleep because you keep hitting 'see more pins' one more time.

I can't seem to stop pinning!  I caught myself under the covers last night (so the light from my phone wouldn't wake Jayson and Remi), scrolling and continually hitting 'repin'.  It was 2 a.m... and yes, the dark circles under my eyes are frightening people.  God bless my coffee cup.  But I'm not just doing it for me (so I keep telling myself); I am pinning to give YOU ideas, too, my LwYH readers. <3 <3

I'm completely taken with the cupcake liner movement... it's amazing what you can do with these darling little things.  There are some resourceful and creative people out there!  I thought I'd share some of my absolute faves with you.  As always, I'll include my source where possible. 

I think that these pom poms are incredible.  I don't think they'd take that much time, either!  I included two pictures of color schemes I particularly liked. 

This is cute for a cake-decorating party (wish I'd thought of it when I did mine over the summer!!)


 For those of you who like a bit of danger with every party...

 And finally, since it's Christmas....


What cupcake liner ideas have you found?  (I haven't represented them all by any means... again, just the ones I personally liked.)

~ Sarah


Carol said...

I LOVE <3 the Pom Pom Decoration They would be a GREAT decoration for our Spring banquet. Are they hard to make?

Sarah said...

You know, I haven't actually read any tutorials, because as soon as I saw them I had an assumption as to how they were put together. If it were me, I would purchase a styrofoam ball and use regular straight pins to attach the liners. I imagine it would be very easy, and probably rather quick. :)