December 13, 2011

A Dozen Roses & an Empty Attic

Happy Tuesday (Monday?)  I'm getting the days mixed up this week... probably because I took Monday off, and therefore had an extra Saturday.  :)

A wonderful event happened this weekend.  Some of the girls at our church completed all of the requirements to be 'crowned' (which is a ceremony in which we celebrate the wonderful work they've done and they receive tiaras while wearing beautiful dresses.)  And, as with all things, I never do a ceremony half-way.  I agreed to do the church decorations so that I could make sure the background was fabulous, there were slideshows of the girls growing up (which brought tears to many eyes), and a lovely time of fellowship afterwards, complete with custom cupcakes made by my amazingly talented friend, Katie.

And then, a surprise.  There were six girls in all, and at the end of the ceremony, they each gave myself and the other club leader two roses, so that we both received a dozen.  I was moved almost to tears at their thoughtfulness.  Aren't the roses beautiful?

I have been concentrating on so many things for the crowning lately that many of my posts have been rather useless other than to remind you that I'm still here.  But a project is still underway -- remember all those months ago I announced that we were remodeling my STUDIO??  Well, the garage idea wound up being a bust... there was just no way to make it work.  But we've turned our attention to our full attic.  It's a waste of space right now, being used only for one or two storage boxes.  So Jayson asked if I wanted it.  {Perhaps he's tired of tripping over boxes in the hallway in the middle of the night... boxes that won't fit in the current studio.}  I've asked for the new studio as my Christmas present, and he seems to think that this is a possibility.  Pictures to follow, of course.

Love to all of you!

~ Sarah

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