June 6, 2011



So, I was hanging out in the spice row of my grocery store, and I came across the product of someone's absolute genius: Recipe Inspirations from McCormick!!  Now, this could be "new" as of last summer for all I know, since I buy my spices in bulk and never have a reason to be in the spice aisle.  Unfortunately, I was running out of my sweet caramel sprinkles for my cinnamon rolls, and I was desperately searching for an acceptable subsitute.

But back to the Recipe Inspirations, which are recipe cards with pre-measured amounts of the necessary spices included.  Umm, AWESOME?!?  I probably will never use them, but I can surely appreciate that someone out there should've thought of this DECADES ago!

There were some delicious-looking recipes, too.  I saw Asian Sesame Salmon, Chicken Cacciatore, Tuscan Chicken Stew, Chicken Tikki Masala, Chicken Marsala, Caribbean Grilled Steak, and a few others I don't remember.  And, at $1.99 per packet, my gosh, stock up on all of them!!!

Inspired.  Brilliant.  Wonderful.  Wish I thought of it first.  ;-)

~ Sarah

PS. Happy Monday!!

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