June 15, 2011

Party Banner

Hey there! 

Today, I'll be sharing an idea that someone else shared first, and I have borrowed time and again.  : ) 

Context:  I am making a table for my party planning business at an event within the next couple of weeks, and intend to display a pink and gold candy bar.  Jessica at Such Pretty Things gave me an idea last year that I've used before (you can see her original idea here.)  I thought it would be ideal for my table display.

What you will need:
  1. Cardstock in various colors that match your theme
  2. Scissors (or rotary cutter)
  3. Ruler (or measuring mat)
  4. Ribbon
  5. Tape or glue
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Large hole punch (I used a 'cameo' shaped punch, but there are many different kinds out there.  I spotted a rectangle, an oval, and in the past, I've also used a round one).
  8. Letter stencils
I found a variety of delightful papers in my theme colors.  I particularly loved this pink paper with the daisy pattern.  So cute!  (I'm fairly certain these were all picked up at Michael's.)

I cut the triangles 5" long by 4" wide...

... and had a lot of fun taking pictures. ;)

For the lettering, I went with basic colors that would not clash.  (That was only my preference for this particular banner; I have used checks and polka dots for more colorful events.)

Using the double-sided tape or glue, affix your punch-outs to the triangles.

In my case, I needed 14 separate triangles (three, five and six). 

Next, pick your ribbon for the top.  I always have a large selection on hand, since I never know what will speak to me. 

Make sure you test different ribbon options.  In my case, several looked very lovely, but I finally settled on the wide, gold ribbon that was a tad gaudy (I selected it only because there was much more pink than gold in the banner already.)

Using your sewing machine, carefully stitch the ribbon onto the triangles.

Once you have it together, you can stencil on the letters!  (Actually, this step should be done much earlier in the process... arguably before you affix the punch-outs to allow for errors).  I prefer to do it last, but that's probably just me.

And there you have it!  An adorable little banner that you can use for many events.  I'll show you the matching candy bags for my table another day.  ; )

~ Sarah

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