February 20, 2012

Festival of Ice, 2012

Well, I have successfully survived my first big event since my illness a couple of months ago.  I have to admit, I was dreading it in a way... I really didn't have faith in my ability to physically pull it off.  But with the help of my fabulous husband, we did it!!

Our town does an annual Festival of Ice, and the entire community comes together to participate.  The theme this year was 'Frozen Games,' (a salute to the Olymics) with a London twist.  Our church participates by sponsoring a "warming center," a free event where families can enjoy games, hot chocolate, coffee, popcorn, snacks, face-painting, and crafts.  We don't go half-way with our decorating, either (the part I'm involved with.) 

At each game station, children earned 'medals' made from chocolate coins and crepe paper, so we set up a photo corner for them to show their prizes off.  Using a photo I found on the internet (hurrah for Google!!), Jayson and I painted an impression of Big Ben.  {Fortunately, it photographs much better than it actually looks in person.}  My father-in-law made the gold/silver/bronze stand, and we had additional medals on hand as props for the photos.


Elsewhere in the Warming Center, we had a 'torch' (made from a stovepipe, paint can, fan, angel food cake pan, and crepe paper), Olympic rings (made from hula hoops and spray paint) {both made by Jayson} ...

And, what has become our signature Warming Center decoration, hundreds of helium balloons dotting our ceiling. 

Strangely, I forgot to take any photographs of the ice sculptures, which is a shame because some of them were very cool.  There was even an ice torch, which was lit for a short time.

All-in-all, a successful event!  On to the next.  :-)

~ Sarah

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