April 28, 2011

Candy Bags

Looking for a unique but inexpensive favor to give away at your child's birthday party? Here is a fun idea that can be tailored for any theme and age - candy bags!
What you will need:
  1. Cellophane bags
  2. Cardstock (to match the party theme!)
  3. Assorted candy
  4. Scissors
  5. Stapler
First, decide how big you want the bags to be when they are finished (as in, how much candy you want each child to have.) I was pressed for time, so I had to use larger cellophane bags and trim them to size, but if you can find smaller ones, that will be much more convenient for you. (Find cellophane bags here.)  If you need to cut the bags, make sure you allow an extra 2-3 inches on the top for folding down.

Next, cut your cardstock into pieces to fit the top of the bag. You want them to be about 1/4" longer than the bag itself (in my case, I cut them 4" long), and 2" wide. Fold them length-wise. {* One note I will add - be sure that your cardstock is thick. If it's not, then the staples do not pull off easily and can become dangerous for little fingers.}

Now, fill the bags with the candy you've selected (be sure to wash your hands!) If you are fortunate enough to have a second pair of hands, create an assembly-line style with one person filling the bags and the other folding the top down and stapling the cardstock.

Finally, label the candy bags so that the kids will know what they're getting (I labeled mine on the back.) This is especially important to help reduce the risk of allergy disasters!

I placed mine in various "cute" dishes I already had, but they would look just as fun on one big tray together, if you don't have dishes handy.

While my candy bags make a very girly display (it was for a movie night I hosted for my girls), you can get creative with the cardstock and make it match any party you wish. If you are extremely ambitious, you can even pick candy that will match the colors of the party.

{I'll talk about that banner another day.}  :-)


~  Sarah

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