April 28, 2011

Today, I Celebrate "I Can Do That!"

Today, I finally do what I've wanted to for quite some time -- I create my own blog! 

Confession: I am a blog stalker... I have a number of favorite blogs that I follow all the time, and have actually caught myself feeling very frustrated when they take too long to post something new.  When they do, I pour over their words, pictures and ideas until I've practically memorized what they have to share.  I seem to only enjoy the blogs that dabble in many things: pictures of anything, little thoughts, and especially designs and tutorials.  I think they're the most fun because you never know precisely what you'll be expecting when you find a new post.  I've decided to try it!

The beauty of artistic blogging is that it inspires you to do things all your own.  You can take an idea, doctor it up a bit, and voila!  You have something fresh, new and original!  In this way, I have done a number of my fun projects.  I take an idea from a Jedi master, use the force, and create my own {and probably, the masters have done the same for some of them!}

So, we'll see how this goes.  Please let me know if you enjoy my blogs, and give me any tips for other blogs I might enjoy in return!  Remember -- I love fresh, unique, beautiful, creative... when you come right down to it, I tend to like a lot!!

~ Sarah

PS:  What's in a name? 

Did your mother ever tell you to 'look with your eyes'?  Any artist knows that you cannot truly experience something without looking with your hands, as well.  I adore my mother, but it's one of her lessons that I decided not to learn... on purpose.

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Amy said...

Love this! Now I'll always know what's going on in that pretty head of yours!