May 2, 2011

Pretty Little Easter Eggs

It's Monday, and time for the Monday-sized coffee!

I know that Easter was last week, but something about the spirit of Easter lives on in springtime so hopefully you'll be on board with me for today's post: pretty eggs.  I go over-the-top with my decorating for many holidays, but Easter, I try to keep somewhat minimal.  I prefer for my decorations to be mostly floral, with a few muted exceptions here-and-there. 

So today, I'll be sharing one of my 'exceptions' (which I made myself).  If you like it, too, it's a great time to try it, since Easter decorations will be on clearance for pennies.

I loved these eggs because the surfaces are
so unique - meant for more than mere candy.
(Found at Target)

What you will need:
  1. Plastic Easter eggs (I used a variety of sizes)
  2. Glue (I recommend Elmer's because it cleans well)
  3. Glitter (I used only white, but you could certainly mix and match)
  4. Sponge Brush
  5. A large, shallow container
  6. Ribbon (optional)
  7. Basket or decorative bowl

First, place a generous amount of glitter in your large container.  Next, using the brush, evenly spread glue over the surface of the egg.  Immediately roll the egg in the glitter, making sure to evenly cover the surface until it entirely sparkles.

As you finish them, place the eggs into a basket or bowl.  It's that simple!

These look beautiful just sparkly, but I felt the need
to take is a step further.  I tied a cute lace ribbon around
the big egg on the top of the pile to add a little "something". 
 And there you have it!  A festive little Easter basket!

Happy Monday!

~ Sarah

P.S.   For another cute and creative idea, look at what Jessica came up with!  Paper Flower Easter Eggs

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