May 23, 2011

Preview of Coming Attractions...

Hey, readers!!  <3

It's probably far too early for you to have figured out my 'pattern', but the basic format is this: I take pictures all weekend and blog about them all week.  That's how it works for someone who lives in a cave with no internet.  So, I had several different things I was going to blog about this week once I had a chance to tranfer the photographs from my iPhone to my computer, and wouldn't you know: I left my phone at home!!  {And before you become too concerned, I am already halfway through the day and have survived without it so far.  Only 4 1/2 more hours until I can hold it again.  I think I can do this.}

So, rather than give you nothing at all, I thought I'd do a commercial!!  Here is what I plan to blog about next:

1.  Home-Made Stain Removal
     *  This is a remedy my mother-in-law found and gave to me for removing stains (both old and new) from white items that you cannot easily wash.  I have a white area rug that was looking quite terrible, and so I tested the formula on it with fantastic results.  I will be showing you the formula, as well as before-and-after pictures. 

2.  Christmas Morning Casserole
     *  A recipe for breakfast casserole that is to DIE for.

3.  Chicken Marsala
     *  The hubby's birthday is this week, so I will be making his favorite recipe and posting how it turned out (for good or bad!!).  ;-)

So as you can see, you should prepare to be AMAZED by my coming blogs... just as soon as I have access to my lifeline (aka phone).  Oy vey. 

~ Sarah

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