May 31, 2011

Bradford County

Happy Summer! (For it really isn't the 'summer' until Memorial Day has come and gone, is it?)  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

Thank you to all those who have served in the
military so that we could enjoy our freedom!!!

Well, we over here in "LwYH Land" had a very busy weekend... at least three things every single day.  But it was wonderful!  (Now, this isn't really a blog about me -- it's more about things I've done that you may like... so I'm only going to babble about part of my weekend.)

Saturday, we stopped at an incredible place along Route 6 on our way to NY for a several-day celebration.  We knew we would be late anyways, so we chose the scenic route, and took our dear ole' time.  (I think the end result was almost 5 hours late...)

There's a wonderful place in Bradford County, PA: an asylum that was created for French Nobility during the Revolution, particularly Marie Antoinette.  We didn't actually visit the asylum (Azilum) itself, but there is a scenic overlook that doubles as a tribute.  We did stop there for a while, and have plans in the works to spend some real time in Bradford County.

My husband and I agreed that we'd move to Bradford County in a heartbeat -- it's beautiful, serene, and extremely charming.  If you ever have a chance to go up Route 6, do not hesitate! 

Happy that Summer is finally here!  <3

~ Sarah

PS -  I don't pretend to be anything of a photographer with my handy-dandy iPhone camera, but here is someone who took a marvelous set of pictures from the same location (and they did it properly!)

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