May 18, 2011

The Stone House Inn & Spa

As the husband of an uber-busy woman, my man has come to realize that a very important part of our year has to do with time we spend AWAY from my home/studio.  There are people in our family who plan a trip itinerary to include the must-see hot spots, the fabulous restuarants, and all of the places of note in their destination area.  In two days.  Uhh, vacation?  I think not!

So we do gettaways very differently.  We pick a bed and breakfast, preferably in the middle of nowhere, with no big attractions nearby, and hole up for a couple of days.  The best weekend of my year!

Last year, we visited a really neat little place: the Stone House.  It's not exactly in the middle of nowhere - Macungie, PA.  There are restaurants around, and certainly the area is beautiful and worth a drive, but the room itself was so wonderful that we spent most of our time there, watching movies and eating junk food.  Can you think of a better vacation?? 

We are very easy to please, and we have enjoyed every B & B we've ever stayed at.  That being said, this one, without doubt, is our favorite.  Here are some pictures (sorry they're blurry -- we were vacationing, not sight-seeing, so you are stuck with what I took on my phone.)
The Stone House Inn

We stayed in the Stone House Suite - several luxurious rooms

As you can see, I had already made myself right at home.

The lovely bathroom tile was heated!

A clawfoot bathtub with a showerhead that looked a little intimidating.  {We can tell you a
funny story about how we accidentally sprayed the ceiling - and each other - with that thing.}

Umm, yes... those are flowers.  In the toity.

Chocolates on the bed.  We made short work of those, let me tell you!
This is where we ate breakfast.  We didn't want to leave.

If you ever decide to go to a B & B in PA, you have to check this place out.  We loved it.

~ Sarah

PS - We did make ONE outing... Shady Maple was only an hour away.  :-)

That is one good-looking man!

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