August 30, 2011

Tribute to Pennsylvania

Where do you live?  What is it like?

Every place has its own uniqueness, its own beauty... but although I have seen a number of beautiful places, I’ve never found one I love so much as my home, especially now – when the summer is coming to a close, and Autumn (oh, lovely Autumn!) is nearly here. 

Jayson and I were off to the fair last week.  Our usual M.O. is to meet friends of ours on the last night of the fair for the Demolition Derby (yes, yes, ‘you know you’re a redneck if...’) Our friends couldn’t make it this year, but we went ourselves.  The fair was alright, but the ride was divine!  It was a perfect late-summer afternoon.
As Jayson curved, climbed and crawled through the charming countryside that is our home, I rolled down the windows, closed my eyes, and let my hand and hair be carried in the breeze.  We passed through glorious, rolling mountains, petite farm houses and beautiful, dainty gardens.  The signs of Autumn are beginning to peek out from behind summer... a colorful leaf here, a wild tree speckled with blushing apples there, a cool breeze feathering through the tall grasses.

We drove in comfortable, companionable silence, enjoying our journey.  Then, the car slowed, and I heard a turn signal as we prepared to turn onto the interstate.  I felt my heart sadden.  “Is there no back road we can take?”

A half-smile from his lips and a twinkle in his eye... yes, there were back roads, and we would travel them today.

I love Pennsylvania.

~ Sarah

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