August 2, 2011

A Room of One's Own

According to Virginia Woolf, a woman must have a room of her own if she is to write (or, in Sarah's version, to create!)

I have a wonderful opportunity ahead of me.  My husband has decided to give me the garage for my studio... the concrete, cold, smelly, humid, unfinished garage. 

I know what you would assume I'm thinking: "Gee, hunny, thanks.  You really shouldn't have."  But don't, for he is giving me much, much more.  He plans to finish the garage.  He'll start by moving his things - motorcycle, 4-wheeler, spare parts, tools and ladders, and then he'll insulate, drywall, spackle, paint, furnish, and otherwise turn a dirty, grungy place into a whole new world. 

So he is giving me the transformed garage for my new studio. 

Be still, my heart!!!!!

Once I recovered from the shock of this announcement, I set out looking for inspiration.  I thought I'd share some.  :)

The first five are images that came up through google (search words: "amazing craft rooms").  Honestly, I'm not sure of the sources {Help, anyone?}  The last three are from Alicia Paulson's studio (her blog is Posie Gets Cozy.)  She is my hero, and I would live in her craft room, if she would let me. 

What I've noticed is that I tend to be drawn towards bright, colorful, organized spaces that don't overpower me.  I certainly have enough stuff to fill my garage, but hopefully, with my brilliant husband's organizing and my inspirations, it won't be such an overwhelming task. 

So, what do you think??  Any suggestions??

~ Sarah

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