August 23, 2011

Brownie S'Mores

Happy Tuesday! 

There's nothing particularly special about the end of August, is there?  Unless you have a family member with an August birthday, there are no celebrated holidays.  Back-to-school sales, for sure, but that brings with it the sadness that summer is over.

Not for me.  :)  Our August has been a tad chilly the past several days, at least in the morning and evening, which is bringing with it the sense that the summer is about to change.  I always force myself not to look ahead to the next season, enjoying each in its turn, but around this time of year, I feel an excitement building up in me that I have no control over, an excitement that constantly reminds me of one thing... Autumn is coming.  I spend more time outside during Autumn than any other time of year (yes, even summer).  There are apples to pick, pumpkin patches to visit, hayrides to enjoy, fires to warm up next to, hot cider to drink, corn mazes to get lost in... and all while wearing snug, brightly-colored sweaters.  It's delightful!

Thanks to this Autumn-anticipation, I have a sudden urge to be outside.  So I dragged my husband to the Drive-In the other night, and I threw together this little snack for us to enjoy while we were there.  I have to admit -- part of the reason I made something so sweet was to increase Jayson's chances of staying awake through an entire movie (something that is always a miracle).  It didn't exactly work... but we still enjoyed it.  : )

What you will need:
  1. Brownie Mix, and ingredients listed on the box
  2. Marshmallows (I used micro-mini marshmallows)
  3. Semi-sweet or milk chocolate morsels
  4. Graham Crackers
  5. Pecans (optional)
First, pre-heat your oven and mix your brownies as directed on the box.  Add chocolate chips, some marshmallows (saving most for the top!) and pecans.

Crumble your graham crackers (I used 4) and spread on the bottom of your greased pan.  Pour your brownie mix over top.

Bake as directed.  When your brownies are nearly done, spread the rest of your marshmallows around the top, and bake until they're slightly toasted. 

Serve hot, with a tall glass of milk (or a thermos, in our case.)

Sugar shock?  You bet!  Delish?  Absolutely!  : )

~ Sarah

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