August 24, 2011

The NEPA Tremor of 2011

So, did you hear there was an earthquake yesterday?

If you lived on the east coast, you almost certainly heard, and may have even felt it.  Or you feel left out that you didn't.  lol 

I have some creative friends who wrote creative statuses (stati?) about the earthquake.  If you're my FB friend, you probably already read these, but I'm sharing them again, anyway.  ;)

{Please note -- I am not making light of the earthquake itself -- I know that there were injuries and damage close to the epicenter, and I wouldn't want anyone to think I don't consider that to be serious.  But where I live, the shockwave we felt was little more than a tremor, and it was enormous news.  I am enjoying what people had to say about it; that is all.}

  • "Is it strange to consult Fb for an earthquake update prior to turning on CNN?"
  • "Perfect time to {be} down in the coal mine tour...During an earthquate...Really???  Just my luck!"
  • "Don't worry guys, apparently a bunch of people in China just jumped at the same time."
  • "Things I've learned today: Earthquakes are scary, Scranton will panic even if it's not near the epicenter; Goucher's emergency notification system does not consider earthquakes to be an emergency."
And, my personal favorite:
  • "A large truck rolled by at the same time the house started to shake.  You can have your earthquake theory, but Optimus Prime just shook my house."
And finally, a photograph posted by another friend depicting the local earthquake destruction:

Hope you chuckled, like I did.  :)

~ Sarah

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