August 16, 2011

Log Cabin Quilt (Sneak Peak)

Hey there!

As stated yesterday, I've been caught up working on a new quilt.  It's been forever since I've quilted (at least it seems that way), and it feels so wonderful to have fabric in my hands again.

I love quilts that let me delve into my basket of scraps.  I have many, most of them from other quilts or projects.  I like keeping them in this basket so I can periodically look at them affectionately.  {Yes, I feel affectionate about my fabric.  Don't you?}

For my newest quilt, I chose fabrics that are more-or-less in the browns/greens/maroons/beige color wheel, with a few different ones, and cut them into 2" strips.

Some of my finished squares...

There's no rhyme or reason.  I use whatever pattern stands up,
waves its hand at me and says, "hey, hey!" at that moment.

So far, I've finished 17 squares, and I played around last night with the design a little bit.  I love log cabin quilts because you can make many different designs just by turning the squares one way or the other.  This is the most common, with the light and dark sections appearing as diagonal lines.

Jayson calls this the "Zig-Zag."

But I liked this one, as well:

Jayson calls this the "What Exactly is It?"

Anyways... I haven't decided how exactly I want to position them, but it doesn't really matter.  I'll keep sewing until I run out of scraps, and make the coolest design possible from the squares I happen to finish.  :)

~ Sarah

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