August 1, 2011

The Cake Decorating Party

Blogcation (blog-KAY-shun): noun.  An absense from blogging on the part of the blogger, sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned.  This one was unplanned.  I'm sorry I've been neglecting you lovely Readers, but you'll see why today. 

On Saturday, I planned and executed a birthday party for a lovely 12-year-old girl.  She actually had attended the Pink and Green birthday party last month, and booked her party the very next day.  While pink and green are her very favorite colors, she decided that she also wanted her theme to be cake decorating.  So I went to town!!

She had a relatively small group coming - only 10-12 girls - so I thought I could make it a little more special and intimate.  Instead of little cupcakes, I made each girl a 4" funfetti cake (using a spring form pan from AC Moore).  And just look at what I placed them on...

These glass cake pedestals were the creation of the lovely and talented Strawberry Chic designer.  Her original post can be seen here.  All you need are glass candle holders and plates from the dollar store, and clear Gorilla glue (I purchased mine at AC Moore for $3.99).  Then I placed a 6" doily on each pedestal.
Suggestion:  make these outside.  My house smelled like the glue for days.

I placed pink and green icing in decorator bags.  (Note that I didn't bother using tips.)  I merely cut different designs into the bottom of the bags, and they passed around the shapes they wanted.  Also, I stuck with two icing colors (as well as a basic white that they initially frosted with) and pastel non pareils.  I also used lovely little flowers that my wonderful friend Katie Scoda made for me.

And, they went to town!


I love how unique all their little cakes turned out to be. 

Once they were finished, I had them each decorate a box to take home.  While they ran off to enjoy water balloon fights, I tied a red and white string around each box (so it looked like it came from a bakery).  It was such a delightful, fun activity.  And the birthday girl loved it, which is by far the most important.  :)

Also, I'll talk about those aprons (yes, I made them) another day.  :)

~ Sarah

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