August 15, 2011

Iron Chef Camper - Whipped Cream

Wow... another whole week without a word from me.  This is becoming a rather bad habit.  Alas, when I have no immediate and impending projects, I find one to become lost in.  (Lately, it's been a log cabin quilt... yes, I'll share when I'm done.) 

It's been a week since we did ICC, and I've been putting off posting about it because I'm a little ashamed.  See, my phone died the very first day, and rather than charge it in the car (which would have been the actions of a responsible blogger), I tossed it in the tent and said with a shrug, "Oh, well." 

As delicious as all the food was, it would be rather tiresome to just tell you what everything was called and not show you pictures.  But rest assured, from the first salad with marinated beef, bleu cheese and vinagrette dressing, to the applesauce and gingerbread cobbler, to the stuffed French toast, to the hot crab dip in a bread bowl, to the homemade strawberry shortcake with hand-whipped cream... let me just tell you... it was fabulous!!!!!!!!

Today, I'll share the hand-whipped cream for the strawberry shortcake.  (The rest of the recipe is pretty simple -- I made shortbreads with bisquick, sugar, salt, and milk and covered with a strawberry/sugar glaze). 

What you will need:
  1. 1 container of heavy cream
  2. powdered sugar
  3. vanilla
Empty your heavy cream container into a bowl, and wisk until it's very thick.  Depending on how vigorous of a whipper you are, this could take 5-10 minutes.   Once it is a satisfactory consistency, add 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla an mix.

Dollop on top of strawberry shortcake.

It's amazing, better than any whipped cream you will ever find in the store (and, let's face it... there's no food like the food eaten with friends around a fire in the pouring rain.)  ;)

Crab dip in a bread bowl later this week (hopefully.)

~  Sarah

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