March 12, 2012

Maternity Clothes

Hey, Readers!

Well, now that you know the main reason why my blogging has been sadly inconsistent of late, I can start sharing the things I've been interested in / working on lately.  For example, I purchased fabric for the baby's things two weeks ago, but I wasn't going to share that before anyone knew the baby was coming.  I'll show you later this week, hopefully.  :-)

I just started my 2nd trimester, and so far, it's been woooooooonderful.  I had a horrible first trimester in terms of illness, apparently far worse than most women have (the possible exceptions being those poor ladies who wind up in the hospital.)  I had food allergies, bronchitis, morning sickness (though mine was morning, afternoon, evening, night, pre-dawn, etc...)  I managed to turn couch lounging into a competitive sport: between the cat, the dog, and me, who could stay in one place the longest?  {The cat is the universal champion, I'm sorry to say.}

I'm actually already showing, even at only three months! (This is mostly because I'm tiny, and the baby has nowhere to go but out.)  Since I'll be in them soon, I've been looking at maternity clothes.  What is with stores thinking that pregnant woman have no sense of style?  I'm not a fashion expert by any means, but seriously, there is no way I'd be caught dead in some of these tacky things.  I'll be 8 months pregnant in August, which means that my summer will look like a glider in front of an air conditioner, and me in sundresses and flip flops everywhere I go.  So I turned to Google.

I found some cute maternity clothes that could be good for most occasions... what do you think?

I think more stores should sell things like this.  No matter how awful you feel, at least you'd look fabulous. 

Gotta go!  Lots to do.  I hope you have a lovely Monday!  :-)

~ Sarah

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Lennae said...

Very cute =) You're going to be just so stinkin' adorable! Marshall's has some good maternity clothes....not that I have ever looked...just saying! Can't wait to see the fabric post =)