March 8, 2012

An Announcement...

So... we have an announcement. And since I put it on Facebook this morning, it's official. :)

Those of you close to us have already been rejoicing at this miracle since we learned of it (and yes, you may now tell all those people you've been wanting to tell for weeks!!) And for those of you just finding out, I'll tell you our story so you will understand.

We've been married for almost six years now, and several years ago we learned we couldn't have children. At first, it was a little surreal, but as we started to live with it daily, it became part of who we were. We love children - both of us. At the time, we were teaching the little ones (the Rainbows) at church together. It was heartwarming to be able to love on them and send them home, but also a little bittersweet to watch each other, week after week, and see what great parents we could have made. It was a little frustrating to have people constantly asking us when we were starting our family. Most people didn't know we couldn't, and so we just smiled.  We did have some friends who were a little insensitive (one friend actually told me, when I asked her to stop bringing it up, that she just 'couldn't help it'.) But it's part of the process - grieving for what might've been.  And we did grieve.  Daily.

Then, after months and months of discussion, we arrived at the next logical conclusion: we would adopt! And suddenly, we had joy again. We started the process (which, seriously, is WAY scarier than having a child of your own!!) We attended seminars, gathered stacks (mountains, really) of paperwork, and began budgeting for the costs. We started re-arranging things in the house so there would be a bedroom for a child, and were altogether very excited at what would now be coming. We began to love and pray for whatever child God would give us.

But God had other plans.

Our church has a missions convention each October, and the very last service was absolutely amazing (even before we learned the impact it had on us.) The missionary, Austin Jones, was from Alaska, and his message was so powerful, so full of faith. At the end of the message, he had those in the room who needed healing line up, and as he prayed, miracles happened. I mean, I SAW them happen. I was last in line, and I was waiting for prayer for my neck (an old injury from a car accident 10+ years ago.) Jayson was waiting with me.

When he got to us, he didn't ask why I was there. He didn’t need to; he already knew that I couldn't have children.  And I burst into tears.  After he prayed for me, and as we were sitting down, he called after us, "Don't adopt just yet."

The next week, we were scheduled to attend a Focus on the Family adoption seminar. We decided that we would still go, not because we didn't have faith, but because we hope to adopt whether we have natural children or not. But we ended up unable to attend because of a freak snowstorm and a stomach bug (ok, ok, we get the idea... don't adopt yet.)

Then we launched into the Christmas season, and talks about adoption and children were put on hold temporarily.

Right before New Year’s, I met a very special woman for coffee, and during the course of our conversation, we learned that neither of us could have children.  And she shared something so precious with me.  She pointed out that, in the Bible, there are seven women mentioned who cannot have children, and six of the seven wind up blessed with a miracle child anyway. “That is my promise,” she told me.  I wrapped my faith around that thought and tucked it away in my heart. {Side note - I did not say who you are because I wasn’t sure you would wish me to, but if you’re ok with it, let me know and I’ll make sure to give you credit, my sweet friend.  Your words will probably be just as precious to others as they were to me.}

A few days later, on January 8th, our Pastor was sharing with the congregation some healing testimonies from the service that Austin had led. I turned to Jayson and whispered, "You know, he prayed for us, too."  So on the way home that day, we picked up an EPT two-pack. I had no symptoms at all, and we really had no reason to suspect I was pregnant, except for what we had heard that day.

And right in the middle of the day, with no symptoms, and without having to wait at all, we saw a clear, distinct plus sign.  Oh, twice (yes, I used them both.)  We stared at each other in amazement.  This woman who can’t have children is pregnant with her first child.

I know that the traditional wait time to share the news is something like 3 months, but we agreed that, since Little Jayne is a miracle, we would tell people we trusted immediately so they could be praying.  So we started sharing much sooner than normal (like, at 4 weeks.)  And so far, Little Jayne is growing strong and healthy (and I’m now 12 weeks, in case you’re wondering.)

What will happen, I can’t possibly know.  Will I carry this baby to full term?  Will (s)he be born healthy, happy, and perfect?  I can only pray that (s)he will be, but whatever comes, (s)he is a miracle right now. 

I hope that this testimony encourages you.  Whether you believe in the power of prayer or not, trust me: it’s real.  I dare you to try it for yourself. :-)

~ Sarah

Special thanks to Austin for letting God work miracles through his ministry!! 

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