January 20, 2012

Instagram 2

Hey, everyone!  Happy Friday!

I'm sorry for my unexplained, unexpected, and rather extended absence.  It's nothing personal... I've just been very, very ill.  But thank God for my superhero husband who has stepped up to take over the mundane tasks of life (like cooking, laundry, making sure I actually eat, etc.)  Today is the first day in almost two weeks I finally felt a little more like myself, although I'm trying not to overdo it.  I felt a peculiar sensation this afternoon... hunger!   I trotted down to Subway and helped myself to a bowl of vegetable garden something-or-other.  And... took a picture through Instagram (since you obviously wanted to see it!)  :)

Since I have nothing else to blog about right now, here are two more Instagram photos I've taken recently.  Still experimenting with the 'fuzzy' effect (what's it called?) 

I don't know why, but this one with the shoes is among my favorites.  It's kindof boring, I admit, but there's just something about it that bespeaks comfort... you know, "kicking your shoes off" and all that. 

Hopefully I'll have real blogging before long.  I hope all of you are well!

~ Sarah

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